Saturday, March 08, 2014

Almost Alpine...

Some would say I wasted my twenties.
If I look at myself on paper, I start to wonder if they’re right.  Instead of paying down a mortgage, I’m still chipping away at the old college loan…  But looking back, the wasted days of rock-climbing and mountain guiding were truly fantastic!  The personal battle to overcome a difficult or dangerous climb is a growth experience I cannot describe, and teaching someone else to fight through to complete a challenge is an unforgettable victory for both parties.  Etched in my mind forever is the view from the top of the Old Rag, the Matterhorn, Seneca rocks and the Almost Alpine traverse.  Alongside the memories of peaks climbed are those of doubling over in laughter with groups of middle schoolers, looking in the rearview at a van full of sleeping scouts, and the smiles of clients and friends.  On top of a mountain I met the love of my life, my fiancĂ©e, Liz.  Finally, I am so proud to have helped in the founding of a stewardship organization (Old Rag Mountain Stewards) that gives back to a place I care about so deeply.

… And then there is Almost Alpine…

Not sure whether or not to be proud here.
It was to be the best climbing film ever!  I still personally believe it is, but its been on the shelf for a while now.  The unfinished version of the mockumentary film I may have wasted my twenties on met rave reviews at a Senaca Rocks annual chill cookoff, the grand opening of the Vertical Rock climbing gym and several National Park Service technical rescue courses where Jeremy Tooley (the films real creator) and I were instructors.  It seemed we were on our way to superniche film superstardom!

Then life and jobs got in the way.  We hit final digital mastery roadblocks. Production looked really pricy for a dream we had already put way to much into.  Our guide’s tip money and the magic was gone.  Our pride got in the way of asking for help.  

Something funny happens to youthful pride when you go from your twenties to your thirties.  It’s like climbing a scary, dangerous ice route, it just starts to look a tad less appealing.  So here I am swallowing my pride.  Almost Alpine needs your help. This movie is one skip away from making it across the river.  If you loved climbing in our little mountain mid-Atlantic or really anywhere.  If you want to support the no budget local climbing scene, revive a dying dream, or if you just like stupid fun movies!   I am asking if you got a few bucks to throw in the pot.  Jesse Von Fange (the third core creator of Almost Alpine) has put the film on  This means that in a short window of time the film will be either done and in your high def player or gone for good and you get any donated money back.

Thanks so much for the consideration,

Chad Heddleston
aka Rad Chad
aka 5.Chad
aka Chad from Almost Alpine
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