Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Who Better Than Americorp?

Who Better than Americorp?

Sept 17 – 19 2006

After a year of service, a fire fighting a team of 11 Americorp volunteers from Delaware deserved a relaxing retreat in beautiful Shenandoah National Park. We sent them backwards off a hundred foot cliff, they loved it! Their evening rappel was followed by a day in Whiteoak Canyon. Activities included hiking, swimming and an impromptu service project that removed a large tree from the middle of a natural waterslide. The final morning was spent on top of Hawksbill watching the sunrise over Old Rag. Congrats Grads!

More than a view

More than a view

Aug 16, 2006

Hikers started with a trek to the top of Shenandoah, at 4049 ft they topped out Hawksbill aiming to finish at Skyland. The scheduled day-hike turned out to be so much more when participants spotted two bear and numerous turkeys. Trekkers decided not to stop a good thing and hiked right on past the stopping point to the second highest point in SNP, Stony Man Mountain (4011ft). Everyone went to bed tired like they wanted to.

Stick Em Up!

Stick Em Up!

And grab that rock.
Aug 14 – 16, 2006

Over 100 youths from Frederick Co, Va participated in the Frederick County Sheriffs camp held at Camp Rock Enon, Va. For three days SMG staff led rock climbing and rappelling on the 70 foot cliffs. A good time was had by all.

"Hey, Hey, Johnny boy, the battle call..."

"Hey, Hey, Johnny boy, the battle call,
united we stand, divided we fall!" -Dropkick Murphys
Aug 5 - 11, 2006
A group of boys from Frederick, Md got together for a week of adventure with SMG staff. From climbing and rappelling, to mountain tops and mountain waterslides, it was a week of incredible ups and downs. The week culminated as the group sat alone on top of Old Rag Mountain in a dense fog. All of the sudden the clouds rolled over the summit to reveal an infinity of valley with more waves of fog on the way! The group sat in awe as clouds rushed past and an acrobatic raven displayed his tricks.
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