Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In Between the Inns

Oct 23-24 2006

Stunning views of fall and all its glory dominated our Inn-to-Inn hike. The cool air and clear views transported us to somewhere much farther than Virginia. On day one we enjoyed the birds-eye perspective of a ridge hike on the AT and on day two we dropped into the forest for a closer look. We opted for the falls of the Rose River loop and were not let down. Then again sunlight shining through warm fall colors on a crisp autumn day seldom disappoints.

(Neither of the large falls seen on the loop, just fall)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Holes to Heaven

Oct 19, 2006

Driving out of a sea of valley fog into the peak color of the mountaintops at sunrise was perfect preparation for the day.
With the valley washed in white only the vibrant foliage at around 3500' could be seen as we hiked down to Lewis Falls (the third largest in the park). A picture is worth a thousand words.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Open Invitation

Open Invitation
(Old Rag summit area)
Hello friends,
As you all know, fall is here. The color is in at higher elevation, days are getting shorter, ice is forming not to far north, and the ROMP (Rock Outcrop Management Project) Old Rag field trip on Nov 4 is rapidly approaching. At Shenandoah Mountain Guides we are excited about this opportunity to work with other climbers and the park in developing a sustainable outcrop management plan for our best local climbing area.
Having spent countless trips climbing and hiking on the mountain we have, as you have, noticed many changes. One unfortunate detriment to the mountain is the large amount of trash piled up in the many cracks and fissures surrounding the summit area. We truly believe that most of this is not left due to heedless hikers, but rather, that the challenge and danger of removing carelessly lost items overcomes wilderness ethic. Enter climbers. We not only thrive on challenge and danger, but we love nothing better than squirming our bodies into and out of course granite cracks!
We are proposing a post ROMP field trip, summit area cleanup. We will bring hefty trash bags, gear, ropes and maybe a snack but we could use some more manpower. We will be spending a couple beautiful fall hours removing human impact from an area which has greatly impacted our lives.
Steve Bair, the Backcountry, Wilderness and Trails Manager for the park has given the cleanup the go ahead and would like to sign up the clean-up participants on-site as Park volunteers so volunteer hours and contributing personnel can be credited.
We look forward to the field trip, as well as the clean up and hope to see you all there!

(Come on out!)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall & Falls

Fall & Falls

with Evergreen Enterprises

Oct 14, 2006

Hikers enjoyed a stunning fall day on the Jones Run loop, watching the leaves and water fall over four cascades. Days like these leave one wanting to linger longer next to a falls, but as the leaves twirl down it seems the temperature follows and you realize the summer is gone.

A late bloomer enjoys the view.

Jones fall color

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