Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Boys of Summer

The cool night gives way to to the sun's first rays, and soon we would be shedding layers and swimming.

A night out in the Dolly Sods high country during the hottest part of the year brings the shivers like it brings the memories. The boys of this summer will remember the shooting stars over the white rocks as they waited for their turn on the moonlit free-hanging rappel. They will remember holding the six foot Blacksnake and how she didn't strike at us as we gently passed her around the circle giving her no reason to be afraid. Memories of the canyoning, climbing and jumping into deep pools will rank right up there with the sight of the sunrise over the morning fog. Decisions and friends made will be thought of, and this summer will not be easily forgotten.

Yes, that is the zip-line you've always dreamed of. We had that dream too!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's Hot Out!

We've been in the water, it's much cooler there.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Summer Assortment

Dolly Sods WV! Yea, we get out of Shenandoah for trips too.
(Inverted aerials not allowed on our trips... mostly)

Little Stony Man offers a cool breeze on a hot day, oh, and some sweet rappelling.

Last week we spent some time in Rocks State Park MD which had recently been tagged with a lot of graffiti. When the park service showed up with sandpaper and drills to sand the graffiti off the rock we saw it as an opportunity to give a little back. However, when we suggested taking time out of shady rock climbing and rappelling in favor of an hour or so of work sanding graffiti in the sun we were skeptical of the answer. One of the girls in the group replied, "We're girl scouts, we do stuff like that." Awesome! Big props to the Girl Scouts of Camp Conowingo, you rock.

Grey Treefrog chillin poolside on the Fourth.


A nice Thistle with a view.

Caterpillar eyes... or are they?
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