Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Color and Grey

The cold tree ghost looks out from the grey enshrouding the Bolen cemetery, off of the Little Devil Stairs loop.

Rock art formed long ago by Jasper(red rock) intrusions in the Greenstone Basalt (I think that's what is going on). There are a number of these beautiful formations near the base of the Jeremys Run trail.

The next few are of the greens of winter as seen from a number of park locations.

The Fountain, a stunning, deadly, and unclimbed pillar that is about one foot wide, hollow in the center, and may quite possibly be the fountain of youth.

Another interesting ice formation, but this one is on a smaller scale.

One of the nice big ice falls at White Oak Canyon.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Old Rag Iceman

This is the Old Rag Iceman who waits near the top of the mountain, he's a little cold and not very sociable but he's seen a lot, and is definitely worth a visit.

A whole different type of iceman hanging in the blue room at a local climbing area.

An Icewoman. Don't worry there's a helmet under that cool hat.

The rare but native species, the Ice-Jellyfish. Unlike other invertebrates, they walk on their tentacles!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year's Ice

The Skyline drive is open! So for now the access is good if you want to see this roadside ice or any of the other drive accessible high peaks and ice formations. Get out there, while it's open.

Ice formations never cease to amaze if you take the time to get out and look at them.

Some more great Shenandoah ice plastered to one of the parks rock walls.

Although it was awfully warm for it, we rang in the new year with some ice skating on the pond at my place. There was a lot of melted water on top of the ice and those who fell paid a price with a cold leg but we correctly figured if this gigantic bear tested the ice didn't break through, we probably wouldn't either.
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