Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things That Pop in the Rain and the Sun

There are many things to see in the mountains, not all of them belong to the sunny days.  Here's natures perfect chandelier glistening in its uniqueness.

From a step back you can see more of the Tall Meadow Rue plant which captured so much of the fog and rain and made the side of the trail shimmer.  

The Pink Lady Slipper Orchids pop from the side of the trail as well, although it might take a little hike to find them.

 But even form the roadside the views aren't bad.

Especially since the Azalea's are still blooming at the higher elevations.

Red Eft Newts love it when its wet so watch your step on the rainy days.

And if it does clear up...
... the scenery will still be there,

 the Scarlet Tanagers will be chirping,

the azaleas and ferns as well,

Mr. Chippy might even poke his head out as you walk by,

The bugs will be back as well,

This Bee Fly will go back to pollinating with his professional proboscis, 

and the other bugs will go back to doing whatever it is they do,

as will butterflies, (Mourning Cloak if you were wondering)

The No tailed Skinks will scurry out and try to be more cautious,

and the Blue Tailed Skinks will show them how its done,

and we will be out as well.  On the trail, in the boats, on the rock, in the boats on the way to the rock, we will be there. Hope to see you ... even if it's raining.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Last Summers Fun

Just got some pics in the mail from one of last summers great family trips and had to put one up because....
If this is you and your mom on summer vacation, then you are definitely the coolest kid in school. (notice the earring)...  Hands down coolest.

Balance in Motion

Whether dropping off the top of a boulder problem, climbing upward over wet rock, or negotiating the fog of a bureaucracy, there is balance in motion. In all of our pursuits I hope we are moving in the right direction.

Here's a couple more pictures of balance in motion on Old Rag mountain.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Forget the Camera

"in all excursions, when danger is realized, thought is quickened, common care buried, and pictures of wild, immortal beauty are pressed into the memory, to dwell forever." - John Muir

 On today's trip we saw a fat, happy, and venomous Copperhead. The guest from Colorado had just finished saying how it was better than seeing a bear. I agreed, stating that it was a lot more rare, and we stopped for a breather at a small picturesque waterfall. Just then we noticed the mother and her two cubs casually walking the hillside across the stream. Luck is always better when you forget the camera!
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