Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fish and Swollen Knees

12 - 26 - 2007

SMG's founding guide is known as the Big Fish, and he has swollen knees. Years of abuse have seen the Big Fish nearly have an obliterated elbow amputated. The wrist and hands of the Fish have repeatedly known the loss of feeling and function. First long days are spent on the ice or more likely in the skis, then countless nights are spent with an ice pack elevated on a very swollen knee. On the Big Fish list of injuries blisters and sunburns need not apply. Right now his knees are swollen for the same reason they are always swollen, he has overstressed them, especially the one he just had surgery on.

You see the Big Fish has a problem we call dedication, and when something he's dedicated to requires standing, you'll see him stand, no matter how swollen the knee. The Big Fish shows dedication to SMG by hard work, and by leadership through example.

At SMG we are all dedicated to adventure and adventure sport education. Our dedication shows as our lives become filled with one adventure following another and we in turn pass those adventure enabling techniques to those around us. With the slow winter work schedule we guides now pursue our own adventures. The Big Fish rehabilitates his knees in anticipation of adventures in the ice and snow of the winters coldest months. The remaining guides seek our own sore knees. We hope to bring home some pictures, and some fish stories, to inspire you, as we have been inspired!

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