Thursday, February 24, 2011

Keep On The Sunnyside

Late winter days are like county fairs, sometimes they just seem like the same old Ferris wheel. Then you find a deep fried Oreo, and it's spectacular!

During one of the less interesting recent rainy hikes I was checking ice conditions on the shady side of the mountain and happened upon this extremely precarious car sized boulder. My strong desire to climb any boulder I happen upon was overcome by my desire to live and I didn't even touch the haphazard block.

This time of the year is perfect for one of the Heritage hikes we lead to some of the many historically significant sites in the park. We saw this tea pot near the site of the older of two churches which once graced the Old Rag Community before the land became part of the park.

Although the old Highland Baptist Church is very hard to find someone did not want the message to be forgotten. So here it is, the godly graffiti marking the site of the old church, C W and R W apparently wanted it to be a little easier to find.

On a recent rappelling adventure the north side of the mountain looked like this.

Which is why we chose to rappel off the sunny south side of the mountain.
What a beautiful day and a great adventure.
I think we found the deep fried Oreos!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tree Climbers Anonymous

This one goes out to the tree climbers. This is the post for those who don't want to climb ice, why would you? Ice-climbing requires expensive and pointy equipment, plus, ice is always cold. Tree climbing is a sport for all seasons, and the gear you need you were mostly born with. First tree ascents are plentiful! And if it's not a first it is almost always taller for the second ascent! So here's to the tree climbers, get out there and grab life by the limbs. Enjoy your view from the top but don't forget about your roots.

You never have to travel far for a good tree climb, but if you want to, the option is there!
(photo Jesse Von Fange)

An enticing tree along the side of the Skyline drive in SNP.

Tree ice climbing? = dumb
Normal tree climbing = fun!

This people-huggin hippie tree loves you tree climbers too.
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