Monday, November 29, 2010

Family Traditions

A decent portion of my extended family poses atop Bearfence mountain on our annual day after Thanksgiving hike. We didn't see another hiker out on this beautiful but brisk day. In fact, the park always seems deserted on what they call Black Friday. I've heard otherwise, but we never seem to see a crowd.

On the way up the trail I like to call Mini Old Rag, the fam did the real Old Rag a few years ago on our post-Thanksgiving hike.

The girls

An Allegheny Stonecrop Turns pink before going dormant for the winter.

This small falls is far off trail in SNP and situated just above a large waterfall outside the park boundry. There are many off trail and sometimes just outside of the park waterfalls we have explored and although many are unispiring there are also some awe-inspiring falls to be found. I am coming very close to a personal goal of seeing them all, and if you are ever up for some off trail navigation (bushwhacking adventure) we can show you some amazing and rarely seen Shenandoah natural wonders!

The uppermost section of a three-tier waterfall just outside the park, makes you wish the park service had been able to extend the boundary just a little lower!

A large back-country boulder perfect for climbing, situated on the flanks of Mt. Marshall

A patch of grass atop Big Devil Stairs enjoys an unobstructed view and awaits the winter ice.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fresh Ice

Some of the first ice of season the crystallized on the puddle at Little Stony Man cliffs before a fantastic day of rock climbing and rappelling.

After some long carries and a spectacular helicopter rescue we have reached the end of the 2010 ORMS (Old Rag Mountain Steward)season. It was a great season and we think that the Stewards helped the Park Service a lot, learned a lot along the way and deserved a spectacular finish to the season. To that end we did our best to provide and on Sunday the Stewards who were available climbed the western slabs to the summit of Old Rag. The picture above and below were taken somewhere in the 400' of roped climbing.

Cleaning the gear, Thanks Ben

A Turkey Vulture drys his wings in the sun.

A great sunset from Black Rock in Md, seen on a great Leave No Trace trainer weekend.

Friday, November 05, 2010

For the Leafers

A few more pics for the leafers before the color is totally gone

The inside of the trunk of this Hickory was burned out in 2000 but the tree is obviously doing great.

Fall rain on a Yellow Poplar leaf.

A Maple in the sun.

Some of the highlights of Madison county.

Wild Fox grapes, these ones are fermenting at my house right now!

The tropical looking Sumac in full color.

A Maple holds its leaves in stark contrast to the surrounding trees that are providing it shelter.

A break in the sun on the long road south.
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